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A destination wedding is on many newly-engaged couples' radar. We explore three of our favourite locations to tie the knot.

Destination weddings can be an amazing experience for not only the bride and groom but for their guests as well.  Escape the cold and turn a winter wedding into one that is full of sunshine and warm weather.  Enhance the experience by indulging in the local cuisine and exploring the history and culture of the destination.

Here are 3 of our favourite destinations for tyeing the knot.


Santorini is one of the small archipelago islands of Greece that has magnificent views of not only a lagoon, but the Aegean Sea from the top of multiple steep cliffs. Many of the hotels in Santorini specialize in weddings, which means that the couple can let the hotel know exactly what they want and the hotel can plan the entire wedding. 

Fira is the capital of this island and many couples will find that they love many of the restaurants and hotels in this busy city.  While the views in Fira are breathtaking, the East coast views are still appealing.  The resorts and beaches on this side of the island are a little less busy too.  

Most of these beaches are filled with black sand and guests can often be found lounging near the water.  Kamari Beach is the most upscale beach and there are many places to eat and drink nearby.  It is also a family friendly town, which makes it perfect for guests who are traveling to the wedding as a family.  

Couples who want a more quiet experience when they are on the beach will want to venture down to Monolithos Beach.  Not too many people spend their time on this beautiful beach, so it is the perfect place to relax.  Certain beaches on Santorini are filled with restaurants and good food, but for some of the best food, people should walk the charming streets in Pyrgos.  


The city of Sorrento overlooks the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy.  This city is very easy to travel to from the United Kingdom, which is why it is one of the popular choices for a wedding destination.  Many of the luxurious hotels in Sorrento have wonderful views of the cliffs that lead down to the sea.  The couple and their guests will enjoy walking through lemon and olive groves as they experience the beauty of this city, before watching the sunset over Punta del Capo.

Sorrento is a city that is filled with history, legends, and culture.  Many years ago, people who lived there were all influenced by different cultures, however that changed in the 18th and 19th century.  After it changed, people began to visit the area to see important historical sites, so that they could be inspired and rejuvenated.  Everyone who visits Sorrento for a wedding is able to do the exact same thing.  

The food and wine in Sorrento is absolutely amazing and there are quite a few places to eat.  Of course, Italian food is the most popular choice closely followed by Mediterranean cuisine.  In the morning, everyone will want to begin their day by eating a sfogliatella - A neapolitan shaped pastry that is filled with custard, ricotta, or chocolate.  Saltimbocca makes a delicious lunch and this delicacy is a pizza dough shaped like a sandwich and filled with ham and sweet mozzarella.  

And of course, no evening meal or wedding would be complete without the delicious range of wines that are available throughout the city.  The grapes that grow in this region whether on hillsides or in simple vineyards produce some of the better wines of the world.  


Couples who do not want to worry about a language barrier for their wedding often choose Jamaica.  This island is in the Caribbean and the weather is tropical all year long.  The beaches on the island are magnificent and there are many to choose from.  The most famous beach is Doctor’s Cave Beach.  The sand sits next to the bluest water and people can dive off the platforms into the water all day long.  Winnifred Beach is another option and everyone can spend their day listening to Jamaican music while sitting in the sun and the sand while eating food from the food stands.  

Imagine the possibility of getting married next to a waterfall.  The Dunn’s River Falls can be reached by climbing up limestone before stepping down towards the pools just below the falls.  The entire area is completely covered by a rainforest, so people have a unique outdoor experience.  

Blue Lagoon or the Blue Hole as the locals call it is another magnificent place on the island.  The color of the water changes throughout the day, because of the fresh water that is always flowing into the pool.  The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular destinations in all of Jamaica.  

Weddings in Jamaica have been growing in popularity over the years and the country has decided that certain items need to be provided in order for a marriage to be considered legal.  Most weddings are at hotels and the hotels are able to provide couples with all of the information on what is needed to obtain a marriage license.  

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